Far North

Made of 100% Recycled Material

Wondrous aurora of northern lights,overwhelming mountain peaks covered with snow,wildflowers full of vitality, and terrifyingly beautiful drift icefloating on the night sea: The designs are inspired by robust,magnificent natural environments in arctic areas.

Feel the strength, beauty, fear, and irresistibility that nature imparts to humans.

Northern Lights

The northern lights appearing is purely magical and indescribable.

It’s everyone’s dream to see these spectacles of beautiful energy.

Snowy Peaks

Mountain upon mountain covered with snow makes for a magnificent view.

You will feel the ultimate strength of nature that makes you forget to breathe.

Arctic Wildflowers

Arctic wildflowers live in severe environments.

Their unique color pallets are full of vitality.

Drift Ice

Drift ice floating on the night sea is terrifyingly beautiful.

The creations of the earth are mystical and immensely powerful.

Folds down in seconds!

Shupatto Bag folds down neatly and quickly in a second like magic-just one one-pull and roll!

Shupatto One-Pull Foldable Bag Medium

  • 30×35cm
    11.8×13.8 in

  • Φ6×8cm
    2.4×3.1 in

  • Volume 15 L
    Capacity 5kg / 11 lb

Made of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Material*

It has the same quality and shape but a more positive environmental impact.

The material is made of plastic waste gathered from our daily lives and recycled using authorized methods.

How our recycled Shupatto is manufactured is traceable.

*Excludes the tapes and buttons

Remade to Last

In keeping with the idea of sustainability, we focused on the durability of our signature accordion pleats.

They play an important role in enabling you to bring the bag anywhere (not only while shopping) and use it anytime for many years.

The pleats endure machine washing over 100 times and still fold down in a second, ensuring a long-lasting product.

Production with Minimal Fabric Wastage

Shupatto is made of one continuous piece of polyester fabric.

We design seamless repeat prints that are a continuous tiling of artworkspan and use every inch of the material.

It is also designed to keep itself closed and compact without an additional pouch for storage.

Waterless Printing & Our Dyes

Shupatto is printed using waterless printing that eliminates the water or dampening system used in conventional printing.

No bleaches are used.

We always ensure not to use more than the amount of dye we need. In that way, we can minimize the dye waste from printing.


Thoughtfully created individual packaging for each bag design.

The gift boxes’ shape makes it an excellent present.

The packaging for Shupatto is made of paper that is recyclable.


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